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Tropical Delight

Tropical Delight

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Tropical Delight:

Get Lost in the Flavors of Tropical Delight

You know it’s going to be an explosive party of flavors when our Mastwala Mango, Sweet Strawberry, Outstanding Orange and Naughty Nimboo get together!

From the ripe and juicy sweetness of the Mango to the sour shock of Nimboo this incredible concoction of sublime flavors is the perfect combo for your frozen fruit cravings in this heat.

Do you miss the summer afternoons when your mom would serve you a freshly squeezed orange juice, right after you got back home from school?

Is your mom slightly mad at you because you refuse to eat your morning cereal without some fresh strawberries that you adore?

Do you remember the days when you fought against your siblings for a glass of Nimboo Shikanji?

Have you been craving to get your hand on an alphonso mango that you can gorge on while watching your favorite show? 

While we cannot make all those dreams come true, we can definitely make those exact flavors available to you in a jiffy. Our fresh, frozen, and fun FruitChill are easy to squeeze bars, which will simply transport you to cloud 9! So let these delightful flavors take away the stress and tiredness of a long and hot summer day with their refreshing taste.

The citrusy sweet flavor of Outstanding Orange is not only delicious but will also make for your daily dose of Vitamin C!

Putting strawberry cakes everywhere to shame, our Sweet Strawberry flavor gives you the mesmerizing taste of fresh, hand-picked strawberries.

Did you know that hanging a string of lemons on the doorway of homes and shops brings in good luck? Get your lucky shot with our Naughty Nimboo Fruitchill!

Mango is the national fruit of India, and now you can gorge on FruitChill’s Mastwala Mango, made from real mangoes, and lose yourself to its amazing aam flavor.

So, go ahead and take a bite of the goodness of summer fruits packaged as a tasty frozen treat, and let it refresh your taste buds as you dwell in your joy of snacking.

Orange FruitChill:
Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives [E211, E223]) Orange Juice (2%) (Reconstituted From Orange Juice),Stabilizer (E466), Acidity Regulator (E330), and Vitamin C.
Mango FruitChill:
INGREDIENTS: Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives [E211, E223]) Mango Pulp (2%) (Totapuri Alphonso Pulp), Stabilizer (E466), Acidity Regulator (E330), and Vitamin C.
Strawberry FruitChill:
INGREDIENTS: Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives [E211, E223]), Strawberry Juice (2%) (Reconstituted From Strawberry Juice Concentrate), Stabilizer (E466), Acidity Regulator (E330), and Vitamin C.
Grape FruitChill:
Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives (E211, E223) Grape Juice (1%) (Reconstituted From Grape Juice Concentrate), Stabilizer (E466) Acidity Regulator (E330)), Vitamin C.
Flavours Orange Mango Nimboo Grape
Energy (kcal) 78.08 68.6 84.4 81.4
Carbohydrate (g) 19.25 16.8 20.4 19.6
Sugar (s) 16.8 16.8 20.4 19.6
Fat (g) 0 0 0 0
Vitamin C (mg) 40.06 46 46 46