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Lush Paradise & Tropical Delight

Lush Paradise & Tropical Delight

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Lush Paradise: 

Get Lost in the Flavors of Lush Paradise

Imagine reaching into your refrigerator on a hot day and finding our Fruitchill flavors— Mast Wala Mango, Sweet Strawberry, Outstanding Orange, and Gazab ka Grape “chilling” inside.

Take your tastebuds on a joyride of tasty summer fruit flavors! These sweet–citrus Fruitchill bars come in our signature bundle combo pack and make for the perfect frozen refreshment.

Do you miss the summer afternoons when your mom would serve you a freshly squeezed orange juice, right after you got back home from school?

Do you remember the crazy missions that you executed with your friends to steal mangoes from different gardens?

Do you remember the time when you ran around the house trying to get hold of the freshly plucked strawberries?

Or are you just dying to lie down on a chaise lounge and eat grapes from a bunch, just like the king and queens do?

Favorite among grown ups and kids alike, our Lush paradise are so yummy that they are sure to bring your childhood memories back. With our frozen Fruitchills you'll experience a unique flavor and a refreshing experience with a lip-smacking taste.

The citrusy sweet flavor of Outstanding Orange is not only delicious but will also make for your daily dose of Vitamin C!

Mango is the national fruit of India, and now you can gorge on FruitChill’s Mastwala Mango, made from real mangoes, and lose yourself to its amazing aam flavor.

Putting strawberry cakes everywhere to shame, our Sweet Strawberry Fruitchill gives you the mesmerizing taste of fresh, hand-picked strawberries.

We know you like it juicy, and our Gazab Ka Grape does not disappoint with its fun, fruity and fresh flavors for the summer.

Now that summer has arrived, you can simply grab a bar of FruitChill and refresh your spirits with a cool and refreshing treat.

Orange FruitChill:
Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives [E211, E223]) Orange Juice (2%) (Reconstituted From Orange Juice), Stabilizer (E466), Acidity Regulator (E330), and Vitamin C.
Mango FruitChill:
INGREDIENTS: Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives [E211, E223]) Mango Pulp (2%) (Totapuri Alphonso Pulp), Stabilizer (E466), Acidity Regulator (E330), and Vitamin C.
Strawberry FruitChill:
INGREDIENTS: Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives [E211, E223]), Strawberry Juice (2%) (Reconstituted From Strawberry Juice Concentrate), Stabilizer (E466), Acidity Regulator (E330), and Vitamin C.
Grape FruitChill:
Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives (E211, E223) Grape Juice (1%) (Reconstituted From Grape Juice Concentrate), Stabilizer (E466) Acidity Regulator (E330)), Vitamin C.
Flavours Orange Mango Strawberry Grape
Energy (kcal) 78.08 68.6 72.3 81.4
Carbohydrate (g) 19.25 16.8 17.8 19.6
Sugar (s) 16.8 16.8 17.8 19.6
Fat (g) 0 0 0 0
Vitamin C (mg) 40.06 46 46 46