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Mango Fruitchill

Mango Fruitchill

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Why Do We Love the Mango FruitChill

  • This gooey and bright mango fruitchill is blended with Totapuri Alphonso pulp. It is rich in vitamin C and made with safe RO water, ensuring that your delicacy is not only tasty but also healthy. 
  • It has real mango pulp, which makes it a fun and lively summer refreshment. And we can vouch for the fact that nothing beats the taste of thanda raseela aam on a summer evening.
  • It is pasteurized, pulpy, and succulent, so we can confidently say that it tastes just as good as the mangoes you have stocked in your summer pantry; maybe even better! You won’t know till you try it.
  • The best part about Fruitchill is that everybody loves them. So, whether you’re a teenager looking for something to munch on with your friends, a college student who came back home after a long day of lectures and wants something chilled, or even a working parent of two looking for a delightful frozen refreshment, we are here for you. 
Water, Syrup (Water, Sugar, Preservatives (E211, E223)) Mango Pulp (2%) (Totapuri Alfanso Pulp), Stabizer (E466) Acidity Regulator (E330)), Vitamin C. CONTAINS PERMITTED SYNTHETIC FOOD COLOURS (E102, E110) AND ADDED FLAVOURS (NATURAL, NATURAL-IDENTICAL & ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES-MANGO FLAVOUR)
Flavours Mango
Energy (kcal) 68.6
Sugar (s) 16.8
Fat (g) 0
Vitamin C (mg) 46